Covid relief for Vrajavasis

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9,000.00 raised of 1,000,000.00 goal
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niṣkiñcanān kṛṣṇa-rase nimagnān
mahā-nirīhān jana-saṅga-bhītān |
vṛndāvana-sthān vasanāśanādyair
yaḥ sevate’sau vaśayet tad-īśau ||1.74||

“He who with food, clothing and other gifts, serves Vrndavana’s residents that are penniless, desireless, afraid of materialists company, and plunged into Krishna nectar makes Vrndavana’s king and queen his submissive servants.” – Sri Vrndavana Mahimamrta 1.74

Vraja, also known as Vrajabhoomi, is a region around Mathura-Vrindavan and is considered to be the ‘land of Lord Krishna’.

Vraja is a holy place which has been the home to thousands of saints and yogis for more than 5,000 years.

Thousands have taken shelter at the foothills of Govardhan and the banks of Sri Radha Kund. Sadhus, widows, villagers spend their days worshipping Govardhan and Radha Kund, paying obeisances and chanting the glories of Krishna. They depend on daily visitors for some simple food and livelihood.

A catastrophe has stuck here since last two years. Sadhus of Vraja, villagers, widows are suffering not just because of Covid but also for the lack of food and livelihood. They don’t have savings. Since last year, we have been serving 400 bowls of prasad every day at Radha Kund. We are offering free medical clinic once every week. The second wave of Covid has been deadly.

By adhering to all safety and hygiene measures, ISKCON Bhagavat Mahavidyalaya has begun its relief service by providing meal or packed grocery kits to the needy . We invite you to join us. You can donate money, time, food, resources or donations in kind. Be a Vraja Dham Sevak.

Offering selfless service to Vraja, the saints and it’s residents is the most efficient way to serve the Divine. We recognise that the opportunity to serve Vraja and it’s residents is the greatest achievement and we aspire to keep this mood in the forefront of our service.